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Memorial Day Weekend

IMG_3955It’s funny how work doesn’t seem like work when it’s your own home you’re working on. This was one of the most satisfying memorial day weekends in recent memory. I spent all three days demoing the basement. Lorna helped out when she wasn’t working on her cookbook and we got quite a bit done. I was constantly lugging heavy loads of drywall, wood studs, appliances, and cabinets to the dumpster. The neighbors made a point of commenting about how much we accomplished this weekend, not to mention lots of “good jobs!” to Lorna whenever she made a dumpster run (nary a word for the heavy loads of drywall, wood studs, appliances, and cabinets I hauled.) We ended each work day with a nice grilled dinner on the new grill we picked up at Home Depot to start the weekend. I can’t think of a better way to spend the weekend than working with my wife on our home, and cooking and eating together basking in the fruits of our labor.  Life is good.

PS. We missed quite a feast at Shauna and Dan’s house on Monday, but we are definitely looking forward to future parties!


2 days of Demo

I’ve learned that I vastly underestimated the amount of crap that needs to be removed from the basement. I’ve almost filled up the 25 yard dumpster and there is still more than half of the stuff left to remove. Will fill it up tomorrow and call for a new LARGER dumpster replacement. IMG_3983IMG_3985

Here is the current state of my soon to be office as seen through the non existent Media room wall.


Media Room revised Color

Revised color scheme in basement. I wanted to see how the basement looked with the revised color scheme from the main floor. stair darkstair dark2

Dumpsters and Radios


We took delivery of our dumpster today. Then I made a run to Home depot for some work gloves, a reciprocal saw, and a floor scraper. I also went into my storage unit at my condo and found the radio that got me through my condo remodel in Belltown 8 years ago. It was given to me by my friend Frank who also got many construction projects out of it. Let’s see if it can make it through one more.

Demo starts this weekend!

IMG_3842While all you people are BBQing and drinking beer this memorial day weekend, I’ll be knocking down walls, pulling up carpet, and ripping out cabinets. Our plan is to completely finish the basement while we live on the main floor; then move down to the basement as we remodel the main floor.  I had to rent a garbage dumpster, as I found that to be the most efficient way to get rid of all the crap in our basement. Hungry buzzard I found to be the cheapest at $225 for the pick up and drop off of a container regardless of size and $94 per ton of waste.  they are arriving this afternoon, which is none too soon as I already have a basement full of crap that used to be walls and cabinets.

New color scheme

This is the color scheme Lorna and I currently prefer. The cabinets are black stained wood, marble countertops, natural bamboo floors, and cream and dark grey walls. dark grey walls view2dark grey walls

Media room stair and bookcase

215 Prelim model-stairs1This is a stair designed to tie the media room with the bookcase/stair that leads down into it. The stair/bookcase is meant to read as a piece of furniture from the media room. The current materials are alternating natural and carbonized bamboo.

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Anyone who wants to trade some hard labor for beer and pizza, or some of Lorna's homemade goodness, feel free to call or email me: (206) 229-8082